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Jamie and Devin

the color palette

the story

cabana dreams in palm springs! this amazingly fun editorial shoot let me combine a bold and vibrant color palette, some funky tropical inspired mid century design, but add elegance and sophistication with the emerald and marble. add in a banana yellow suit, retro vibes, and a bar cart, and we are officially in heaven!

did you know?

mid century color-01.png
Mood Board-04.png

the vision

the execution

mid mon-01.png

some fun design elements

mid mob mab-08.png
mid mob mab-04.png
mid mob mab-06.png

the details


i was on set of this editorial shoot, and i legitimately went out and styled my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen off elizabeth's design. i still f*cking love it so much!

and i made my husband start wearing colored suits!

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