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Scarlett and Clayton

the story

everyone loves a good editorial inspired by their own company brand. had the privilege of shooting this branding shoot with one of my favorite people, who later went on to be my planning client. I've loved english, tropical, and ecclectic design, so my company brand has been influenced by all of those elements. it's very east india trading company inspired. combines all of my favorites!

did you know?

the color palette

eccentricity color-01.png

the vision

Eccentricity Mood Board-01.png

the execution

eccentricity monogram-01.png

brand related design buildout

Eccentricity Mood Board-02.png

the details


so elizabeth refuses to reuse color palettes and doesn't prefer to repeat exact styles. but man does it make me hate and respect her that my wedding can't look like this.

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