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Rainn and Desmond

the color palette

the story

nothing could get cuter than the couple who pinky promised at 6 years old to get married! 20 years later with pinky sized wedding rings in hand, they elope under the same tree where they promised to love each other forever. this pacific northwest elopement features jewel tones, amazonian florals mixed with the wonders of the wenatchee wilderness!

did you know?

pnw color-01.png
Mood Board-04.png

the vision

the execution

pnw mono-10-01.png

the mini design buildout


the details


i've been in love with this man since i was 6 years old. i always knew i'd have a fairy tale wedding when he proposed for the 2nd time 20 years later. there was no one who could have made it more magical than elizabeth

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