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Jessica and Connor

the color palette

the story

"for never was there a story of more woe..." oh wait, wrong shakespeare play! we are majorly channeling our antony and cleopatra vibes with this roman inspired groom and fabulous egyptian goddess. it's an art deco inspired design, but forget the great gatsby. let's take it back old school to egyptian times with this floral art deco editorial set in the dessert and filled with a luxurious lounge & oasis greens.

did you know?

love on-01.png
Mid Century Modern copy-04.png

the vision

the execution

Love on the Nile-02.png

the mini design buildout

love design-09.png

the details


i was so blown away by this shoot. i had never thought of art deco being used for more than the roaring 20s let alone for an egyptian inspired shoot! This was the thing of dreams! so grateful to have been a part of it!

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