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Phoenix and Zane

the color palette

the story

when an amazing bride says she wants to do her wedding in zambia, you don't shut that down, you encourage the hell out of it! and to top it off you stylize an entire editorial shoot for it so you can get a glimpse into what her wedding will look like. and then you blow her away and get her even more excited for her late 2019 wedding. we've seen tropical, but let's take it back to the time of king kong wtih this vintage jungle fantasy shoot

did you know?

jungle palette-01.png
Vintage Jungle Mood Board-05.png

the vision

the execution

jungle monogram-07.png

some pieces from our upcoming jungle home decor line

bad ass jaguar.jpg
jungle for sale 1.jpg

the details


words can not express how i felt when i received these images from elizabeth. i am so excited to see the amazing pieces she aquired, and could not be happier with the rentals, stationery, and unique and personal touches!

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